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I was a chance, where I was not a Scientologist but certainly was not an application for this in error would give me know East Intel I proceeded along this line to its conclusion well I I of course bewildered recipient of this information was trying to figure get ahead of the game and singing aware as this have to what makes us think trying to Sean and I decided it must be what happened here is I'm discovering an ancient Chinese calendar because you know there are 64 hexagrams and six lines in each hexagram is a grand total of 384 lines for the is an interesting number of illumination and motorcyclist 29 point some days anyway 13 of them 383.89 days within a decimal fraction of 384 and I thought behind white guy decoded Stonehenge or something this is this is an agricultural calendar team lunar cycles and some ancient China And of course the obvious objection from people was but what a lousy calendar 619 days year against the son of its so for its 19 days more than solely but I think that there may have been a reason for you see we in the West's Free stability freaks so we have a calendar that does not will against the fixed stars yet not the spicy points only section of the equinoxes which is this a very large cycle you can't do anything about but in an ordinary human life is hardly noticeable it only moves once a dark sign every 2000 years that culture slowly it knows we are stability freaks but if you had a calendar the process 19 days against the solar years calendar and you would have a calendar's entire message was change what will you would be boring if you were born at Christmas time and Christmas selling literature were before you sign age 60 and would celebrate Christmas in the springtime five summer and early all in late fall the entire sliding and slipping up cosmic machinery as well let some Western mind that want which is as Heraclitus said. All loans all loans in class so I played without the Wildman and it was interesting but I was not given to the East by my news said no no this is Terrence this is the start of another in Houston anyway are the there was more to it and so finally I realized right was told to your way as though it were the lowest unit in a modular hierarchy that is structured way be changed structured so that sounds arcane but explain what it means is fairly straightforward it means take the wave 384 yao 64 hexagrams running into directions and by the way there are all sayings in the chain would say stuff like the forward running the numbers referred to cast running numbers refer you should probably meet changing as we have it today there are neither were not running numbers there are just so I Confidence I'm like and noetic archaeologists with not get into the bright shining reconstructing a

intellectual object which I get it all will die and again it will be it's the original Harare or whatever it said was built with, so the I took a little way and I six of them in a row to represent six lines and then I took the way in mind magnified by our three siblings three times bigger than it had been and I laid to those my six to represent two trigrams that are components of each hexagram and then I took my original way and I magnified by a power six and I laid it over the six little ones to middle sized ones I laid one big one representing a hexagram in its unitary totality will and I felt a great sense of satisfaction when this was all done at all being generated from the same point and now right hand this point was in a long decency for paper covered with colored pen strokes and tiny crab like numbers which I kept will been a bamboo to and I would corner people laugh in dime stores and bus station and I would say you know what this is is is a map of history is a picture of time this is how things have well triggered a lot of alarm in my immediate circle and my friends were having what should be done meeting CNN which is always a bad sign when your friends hold meetings to decide what should be done and finally Ralph Abraham is a great friend and mathematician he said to me he said you know what you have this in a cult object nobody understands the same but you and it may make sense and it may may not make sense that the point is no one can tell and what you have to do you want to be taken seriously as you have to take this structure and you have to turn it into an ordinary mathematical object so that fellow mathematicians can participate in this dialogue with you will essentially it was like telling a Hottentots to fly supersonic clear something like I had no clue I am not a mathematician I had no clue and I was sort of hoping Ralph would do it for making out that I could on some smart guy into doing it for me so that's where it's sacked for a couple of years in one afternoon I was getting loaded and the as I rarely did and turn the light with slanting in through some curtains and I was watching that Smoltz swim in the sunbeam and I just like thought I understood almost instantly how to carry out a clever these That's where was I help me out as you will yes it showed me how to take change it into an ordinary mathematical object and good news for you sat in is that I'm not in a bore you with this it's done it's trivial if you're absolutely obsessed with all this you can read the invisible landscape where it's all set out the point being it's all been gone over by experts in its solid as a rock and so we don't have to worry about but the transformation about a cult object into an ordinary mathematical object left me with was a very bizarre fractal wave for which I had calibrated to history and I believe at this point this entire wrap with it entered the annals of exotic pathology and died there were it not for the fact that I maintain that this wave actually works and that we can not only predict the future with this puppy which is an easy enough thing to do because who can say you're wrong you know you just wave your arms and gesticulate wildly and but we can only predict future we can predict perhaps is there a price to pay I know it sounds like a Promethean paranoia to me there may be a price to pay but I don't think necessarily so I think it has a lot to do with attitude like for instance I never ever ever ever ever try to do anything in those states like I don't try to get lovers lose libraries make money lose money I I do not want to use it in any way I say all I want to do is look I am perfect I am unworthy to do more and it's not modesty where all one word to do more and a lot of people try to grab And sale will while Mrs. power I've never thought of that this power and IE IE I think that if you are simply content to adore no harm can come to you but when you start trying to figure out how you could fold it into your agenda then God help you because you know it can leave you a mad broken in the canon among so it's very much about the intent in my mind roles are very modest I'm very pleased that it chose to confine so concrete and idea in me but if it had never chosen to do that I still would die a happy man with the unspeakable experiences of beauty that it has shared with me because my psychedelic trips these days are not about the timewave.

The timewave is pretty much a done a done deal, so I think it's like everything else in life - intent is everything. An impact ability means in that domain do not seek to use do not seek to use. It's a religious mystery and that doesn't mean it's an unsolved problem, it means a mystery and life is only worth living as long as the mysteries continue to inform, transform, and inspire us and then the last thing I want to say and then I'll leave you is: the true can take care of itself. You don't have to approach the true with eyes lowered and gaze averted on bended knee, that's how you approach bullshit, but the truth is so powerful that you can kick the tires, turn over the engine check, the odometer and nobody is offended. Truth is real. It can stand the test and that's why you know I went all over the world looking at various spiritual traditions I don't feel it's putting them down to say that they were ineffective because they were all great aspirations but the only real open doorway that I ever found out where the point's this works you know another spiritual disciplines everybody wants to go faster they want the roshis to give them further empowerments they want further information postures secret teaching so forth and so once you reach the psychedelic experience the accelerator is far less interesting than the location of the breaks software looking for when I trying to push we all know how to push this so fast we can't stand it to you in and in are

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